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Pratique Therapeutic Yoga serves individuals with

guided, uniquely tailored 50-minute long yoga sessions

that increase energy, strength and alignment.


Clients often find they are calmer and more relaxed.

They experience less pain, are better rested and have more energy

to do what they love. In fact, one put it this way:

“Before long, I was standing taller, walking longer,

and even breathing became easier.”

Instruction Offered

Clients at Pratique are committed to developing a healthy lifestyle and are learning ways to effect positive change and improve their lives. Pratique facilitates clients in developing a yoga practice, whether it is every other day for ten minutes or thirty minutes a day. The benefits are long lasting and occur over a period of time, though in many instances the results are immediate.

Personal Yoga Coaching via Skype

This is a brand new way of practicing yoga. Skype Yoga is convenient, accessible and customized specifically for you!

Onsite Individual Instruction

Individual Instruction is the perfect setting to address your goals and needs whether they be fitness or therapeutic in nature.

Onsite Trainings and Mentoring

In addition to working with clients individually I also offer onsite trainings and yoga mentoring through Yoga Is My Health Insurance (YIMHI).

Testimonials from Pratique Clients

“A moving target” is Richard Butler’s apt self-description — and yoga, he says, is what keeps him moving. A lifelong Pittsburgher, Butler teaches kickboxing, spinning, sports conditioning at Extreme Fitness in Robinson and multicultural perspectives and organizational ethics at Robert Morris University.

Richard Butler
Inclusion Manager

Bending. Stretching. Lifting. Straining. It’s a typical day for Kristen Rockwell, who owns an airy import carpet store in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. Her carpets are as beautiful as they are heavy — lifting them to display or load into clients’ cars or homes is adaily challenge.

Kristen Rockwell
O'Bannon Oriental Carpets

For Pittsburgh Symphony double bassist John Moore, just putting in a day’s work demands strength, control and incredible accuracy from seemingly small core of muscles and movements. Those specialized movements, however, rely on the rest of the body for support.

John Moore
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Lilith Bailey-Kroll, Owner and Instructor

I help those in their prime maintain health and do the things they love through online yoga, yoga videos, and yoga teacher training.